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Once we begin to see the emergence of connections from all constituents of LeaderW@RE, we realize the necessity of SYSTEMS DYNAMICS, which is a modeling process developed by Jay Forrester at MIT.

“System Dynamics, originally called Industrial Dynamics, was developed by W. Jay Forrester in the mid-1950s at the Sloan School of Management at MIT. It is a methodology for the comprehensive analysis and simulation of complex-dynamic systems. Through an analysis of system structure and the patterns of behavior that arise from it, System Dynamics allows the formation of effective decision-making and strategy for the long-term.

This methodology became famous in 1972 in the simulation model of the world, World3, which was conducted in the study The Limits to Growth by Club of Rome. Equally legendary was the MIT’s National Model, which shows the macro-and micro-economic development in the U.S. based on empirical data. Nowadays there is hardly a topic or an issue where this modeling technique has not been successfully applied. In particular, Management Flight Simulators for the Executive Management have been established.”

There are clear next steps emerging for this approach, such as continuing to identify and distill the periodic chart of elements involved in the equation-building process for understanding the potential, behavior, and recruitment of leaders while in parallel offering leaders themselves the options for discovery, modeling, prediction, design, and scaffolding of their own behavior in a postmodern world.

For me, it’s clear there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to this approach.

• Creating a simple, but not to simple, layered approach using LeaderW@RE through the ability to assess, explain, model, and evaluate leadership behavior to create fitness in organizations under VUCA conditions.

• Identifying a way in which leaders can approach their own development and the development of others, through languaging postmodern leadership development, which leverages the psychoactive and neuro-plastic elements of virtuous learning.

• To understand how to design in, and scaffold behavioral products to improve the human condition — perhaps our ultimate goal — to help people have lives.

• To use the system to scaffold limits where change is either expensive or requires more time than available in the circumstances — to produce collaboration and positive affect, or sentiment in emergent networks of contribution.

• Introducing self-knowledge elements begin to trigger a “psychoactive” process that works subconsciously and even though direct benefits may be concealed, indirect benefits begin to accumulate with more density and frequency, almost immediately, and certainly over time in a maturation process.

• The system maybe too complex for less complex people to learn easily on their own. • Until the approach is distilled into a gumball machine, where putting in discreet “coins” gives out the benefits directly, the approach is just another approach planted on the rocks of time — it won’t root or take root, and only be replaced by “the next tide in the affairs of men”…and women.

• Because of the complexity in identifying and validating all the components, it will take some time and therefore ends up being a life’s work although this could become an advantage over time because the system is layered to produce benefits over the long haul as more elements are integrated with time.

With those advantages and disadvantages being signaled, the core merits of the system, outweigh most of the costs involved @F-L-O-W. It becomes quickly reasonable to involve others through a process of reaching out for resources of all kinds to move a system like this forward… as contribution through collaboration, is scaffolded in the process of assimilation to create antifragility and resilience in postmodern conditions.

AS we approach higher and higher risk with “VUCA streams” moving us closer to the “limits to growth” it might pay to invest in as complex a multivariate system as necessary; to match these risks — to our human condition — while helping people have lives.

You can experience LeaderW@RE with the founder, Mike R. Jay.

The program will begin in March, 2016, for early adopters. We will hold a 3-day retreat (November, 2016), a year-long Certification Program, and an after retreat designed to provide a small group of accomplished participants the opportunity to put into practice LeaderW@RE.

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Mike R. Jay, Developmentalist

Mike has been involved in professional coaching for more than a quarter century. He has trained coaches in more than 45 countries for the past 15 years in his COACH2 Model of Developmental Coaching.

Mike has always been known as the World’s Most Innovative Coach and continues to innovate at the cutting edge of development even in his 60s.

In 2004, Mike began living outside of the United States for extended periods of time, spending time in Europe, Asia and South America living in and among other cultures, working with his models in practical environments where development is not a theory but requires real-time solutions.

As an author of more than 20 books, Mike continues to define his own developmental edge and recently published a Book @F-L-O-W; a book designed to outline how to shift the world out of growth and consumption and help people have lives with a focus on enhancing happiness and alleviating poverty in the process.

Mike believes that limits to growth, a Club of Rome focus, is an issue for ALL of us, and therefore develops and designs his programs of development with a focus on the individual as a part of a larger collective…in appreciation of Buckminster Fuller’s quote…”when you flush a toilet, it goes somewhere…”.

Subscribing to the idea that we all live in the world together and that individual actions matter, Mike’s recent program LeaderW@RE identifies ways that leaders can own and design their own development in the presence of VUCA conditions.

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    You, Me, and We @F-L-O-W

    Mike R. Jay is a developmentalist utilizing consulting, coaching, mentoring and advising as methods to offer developmental scaffolding for aspiring leaders who are interested in being, doing, having, becoming, and contributing… to helping people have lives.

    Mike R. Jay
    Leadership University

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