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In order to discuss VALUES, one has to FIRST understand how values get generated. Values might emerge as well as dictate aspects of capability, bias, style, level, role and system dynamics, and thus, are extremely “valuable” to the leader’s behavioral dynamics.

How values get “generated” and labeled
The key to understanding values emergence is the concept of a “generator.” All “values” models have at their core a “generator” which when applied to the evaluation of data à generates a set of results, which “orders” the values in a particular way, usually according to the modeler’s biases.

For example: if I value power, then values, which are most desirable for me, are those rated closely to power. If I value peace, and harmony, then behaviors reflecting my BIAS, are more “valuable” to me.

Far too many people, in my view, overlook the fact that values hierarchies, or models were the result of a “valued generator.” This is where the concept of “generator” becomes important and almost everything we use for discovery, modeling, prediction, design, and scaffolding is colored by our values—and the dominant set of values in the organization or culture

Spiral Dynamics® *
The following graphics are a quick and easy to use summary of Spiral Dynamics®. These “8” systems in two tiers comprise the stages of bio-psycho-social orientation– expression or sacrifice of self — in contrast to specific conditions emerging. Each stage is represented by a color.

Where it becomes relevant to VALUES — as a precursor — is to understand that over the past 60 years, beginning in the 1950s; a researcher by the name of Dr. Clare W. Graves identified “4” different values systems in primary research. Later in the 1980s through collaboration with Dr. Don Beck, and Chris Cowan, he outlined “8” different and distinct values systems with this notation: AN, BO, CP, DQ, ER, FS, GT, HU.

In Spiral Dynamics® Notation AN = Beige, BO = Purple, CP = Red, DQ = Blue, ER = Orange, FS = Green, GT = Yellow, HU = Turquoise. [1981 Table Summary]

What becomes important in using Occam’s approach is that we realize that these “8” systems are generators — when data (experience) is applied — resulting in sense-making systems that are durable, and in most part, hold sustainable competitive advantage when appropriate density and frequency is matched and “fit” to particular “conditions” or requirements. Simply, each system has a set of “best fit” solutions for “certain conditions.”

RATHER than re-inventing the wheel, I feel it’s important to just pick up these self-contained values systems and understand them as generators which will in fact, produce particular kinds of results given data and the emergent modeling used by each.

While LEADER BEHAVIOR is NEVER PURE, it is always hybridized in multiple values basins, as researcher Graves used the terms “entering, nodal and exiting” to describe a “chord” of behavior (Dr. Don Beck).

We can learn a lot by understanding discreetly modeled systems, even if they fail to reveal themselves perfectly in the behavior of leaders. This preferred and valuable “lens” is a generator that we can use to discover, model, predict, design, and scaffold leader behavior.

The ValuDYNAMICS generated through the application of each of these value systems is important as they directly serve intrinsic factors, which are largely hardwired—certainly epigenetically soft-wired—for wellbeing.

*Spiral Dynamics is a trademarked system developed from the research of Dr. Clare W. Graves, which can be studied for certification with Dr. Don Beck @ spiraldynamics.net.

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