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Boldly Commit

Hi, I’m Mike Jay & this is LeaderW@RE. Let’s get down to business.

The process of staging Emergent Self-Awareness for leaders occurs with a simple FIRST STEP, but requires a FULL COMMITMENT, and going ALL-IN…

Let me tell you a short story.

Back in 1987, my son died. I won’t emotionalize this much, but the day of his funeral, I knew as I watched him lying there for the last time, that I was SUDDENLY FREE!

What? You say?

All my adult life I have wanted a son. And I still want another even as my second life at 60 began a few years ago.

Do you all realize at 60, you begin a second life because you have gone full circle with all five elements:

Each element is said to guide you for 12 years as you rotate through jin (metal), mu (wood), shui (water), huo (fire), tu (earth).

My SELF-AWARENESS shifted that day, as I had been released from the life I had prior to my son’s death…

I realized at that moment, walking out of the small funeral home in Mitchell, Nebraska, that it was like shackles just fell off!

I didn’t have a dime, as my son’s year-long illness had maxed his million-dollar insurance policy and everything we had accumulated up until that time.

We had taken him everywhere to try to figure out why he was so sick. We lived in hospitals… and I was trying to find someone to watch my oldest daughter while I rushed to the hospital emergency room!

Oh, THOSE were the days!

We left the funeral home that day and hopped into my grandfather’s van with our two daughters down to Terlingua, Texas, and the World Championship Chili Contest…  Because between hospital visits our family went chili cooking every weekend that summer just to keep from going insane.

Long story short… I began my professional coaching career in February of 1988 when my first client…

…a physician delivering his daughter’s Girl Scout cookies, visited me.

After he revealed “his real reason” for coming, I said, “I can help. When do we start?” Now That’s BOLD COMMITMENT

I wasn’t a coach, I was a leader, and all my life, I had been looking for a place to lead from.

I didn’t know anything about coaching except what I had learned as an all-around athlete and “serial entrepreneur”…

I wasn’t qualified to be a coach, but with the chains off, and a SINGLE BOLD COMMITMENT, I became a coach!

Can you get your chains off?

I had $250 in my pocket from a donation from an anonymous church donor who felt sorry for my family and me.

However, later on, I did come to realize doctors paid well. smiley

I remember when I decided to start teaching developmental coaching in 1999 after publishing my first book…

I sent EVERY PERSON who enrolled in the CHARTER COACHING PROGRAM a special pin that said: “I’m a coach” and told them to pin it on and start telling people they were a coach because they had made a BOLD COMMITMENT.

Now I’m not going to pretend that you can “be like Mike” and have almost every dream you ever had, come true, but I’ll tell you this:

BOLD COMMITMENT opens doors that you never knew were there.

I promise you that after you enroll and before we even finish the program…

…a person will show up in your life and CHANGE IT FOREVER!

All because you “burned your ships” like the now famous Cortes Myth and your chains will drop off!


9 simple words… a lifetime of dreams.

That’s me.

People sometimes ask me, Mike, is there money to be made in coaching?

Here’s my answer:
You can make a LOT MONEY in coaching… But no other business allows you to help people have lives!

No amount of money can replace the self-awareness I have EARNED in the process… with still more to realize.

Developmental Leadership Coaching has profoundly affected my life as I’ve shared it with others.

And it was a simple set of 9 words:


In the last decade I pared down my global coaching practice to work ONLY with a few SUPER POTENTIALS.

In the past 5 years, I’ve put every dollar, euro, peso, ruble, rupee, and pound into helping the disadvantaged…

…and the experience has broken me down to my core and allowed me to reassemble the atoms of myself for my next climb.

I’m in shape now and ready for it and I want to recruit some like-minded people to come along for the ride of a lifetime.

Whether you’re like me who is building a simple tropical lifestyle…

…or a complex person who wants to change the world and share who you are with others,

I can guide you in the necessary journey of self-knowledge and self-awareness.

I do apologize that it may not have all the touchy feely elements that some of you may crave, but I do allow hugs at our retreats. smiley

However, I won’t apologize for the fact that LeaderW@RE is a BOLD COMMITMENT.

Trust me when I say that a journey of self-knowledge is a BOLD COMMITMENT.

A BOLD COMMITMENT begins with a single, unwavering action.

P.S. Let me say two things.

This program is guaranteed.

…if you don’t believe it works for you, and that all you have received for registering is not worth the money you paid, I’ll refund your money, after 45 days, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

In summary…

It would be disingenuous if I said this program was for everyone who just made a BOLD COMMITMENT and registered.  It’s not.

Just complete the simple registration and email me to be sure…

…. where you are now is where you need to be…

Your BOLD COMMITMENT MUST CALENDAR 15 minutes a day to reflect, contemplate, and observe yourself 5 days a week.

NOW, buckle your seatbelt of self-knowledge and let’s hunt self-awareness together with the tool kit in LeaderW@RE!

Last but not least…

This program is designed to produce VERTICAL, OBLIQUE, and LATERAL AWARENESS of you, me, and we.

It is a VOLume approach for the leading edge of global leadership.

As my mentor Buzz Lightyear says: “To infinity and beyond!”

Join me, if you dare, and your life, work, play, and dreams will rise up to meet you.

Just click the link to  Register Now .

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    You, Me, and We @F-L-O-W

    Mike R. Jay is a developmentalist utilizing consulting, coaching, mentoring and advising as methods to offer developmental scaffolding for aspiring leaders who are interested in being, doing, having, becoming, and contributing… to helping people have lives.

    Mike R. Jay
    Leadership University

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