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Integrating 7 MetaDYNAMICS into an Ecosystem of Development

As 2016 has opened around the world with a bang, mystery, and intrigue about the future, there is one consistent thread through our lives unfolding and that is complexity and how we adapt to complexity. It probably seems anti-climatic to point to such a counter-intuitive notion, but our age will be defined simply by how well we adapted to the accelerating complexity that our living has created.

Whether it be the Club of Rome model of “Limits to Growth” on a global scale, to how you choose to buy what you buy today and tomorrow with your discretionary income; it’s all about complexity and the adaptation to what complexity is bringing forward.

For leaders and those of us who work daily with leaders and leadership, this adaptive response is crucial to setting the conditions for happiness and success in the face of this accelerating complexity.

Now, believe me, if you haven’t realized it already, NO ONE is going to talk like this in a boardroom or shop floor, because they are going to contextualize their leadership in terms of their current conditions, problems, options, or opportunities.

Yet, underneath it all, adaptation in real time to complex systems are at play.

During 2016, I will formalize a decade’s long process for identifying happiness and success at life, work, and play @F-L-O-W. In that process, I am providing the scaffolding for adaptation in the face of accelerating complexity.

As a part of that process, I have spent the last 3 years formalizing an instructional process for integrating 7 MetaDYNAMICS into an ecosystem of development, and it’s called LeaderWARE @F-L-O-W.

In 2016, I’m offering a special virtual program of certification and licensing whereby this system pedagogically becomes a constructive platform for adult development in a VUCA: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous World.

To address VUCA conditions, you need LeaderWARE @F-L-O-W.

Bottom line, what this means is that if you complete the program, either synchronously, or even asynchronously and pass a qualification exam, you will receive a lifetime license to use the proprietary materials. This includes a Leader Style Assessment for administrative fees ONLY. No royalties need be paid ever again, to use or implement any part of this program with any of your personal clients.

Fine Print and Disclaimer: For business clients or widespread application in companies, or with non-profits, there is an annual royalty payment due to maintain your distribution rights within a particular geographic or content area. We will address this licensing separately when the time comes in 2016.

For coaches, consultants, and leaders, this license will allow you to have annual updates (like software), included in your LeaderWARE @F-L-O-W Life Time License, or LTL for individual and personal use with individual clients.

To read more about the essence of the program, obtain my FREE expose on Leader Development at http://www.leaderwareatflow.com

We structured this LTL program as a charter membership and thus offering it only until February 29, 2016, with an added installment plan with a cancellation option, to serve as a guarantee.

If at any time you are unhappy with the program, just send us an email and we will cancel the remaining installments, no questions asked. Those paid installments allow you to retain the material you received for your own personal use.

I want you to understand that this is a work in progress, which is why I am offering this expansive program of LeaderWARE @F-L-O-W at such a low cost. Frankly, the first program I did on developmental coaching in 1999 was the same charter type of offer. Come play early, and as an early adopter, you benefit from the messiness of the beginning.

By completing all the installments (12 @ $50 = $600), or paying the one-time LTL Fee, you are entitled to a free retreat admission in San Antonio, TX, November 4-6, 2016 [a $497 value], where the review for the Licensing Exam will be held in person and the exam offered to those interested in LTL.

This is a scripted program with a guidebook of instructional materials that you can use to assemble a customized program for your client. It will be delivered digitally at the retreat for those who pass the licensing exam at the retreat. If you are unable to attend the retreat live, we are going to offer a live-streaming event that will offer you the option of staying home, internationally, if you desire. While I do encourage people to join us live, I also understand that circumstances in our VUCA world often offer alternatives that conflict with plans, so let’s just say, we have you covered, wherever you are.

This should remove any objection our international early adopters will have about participating in this charter program.

This is a ONE-TIME CHARTER OFFER to seed the program with interested participants who will form a core of the LeaderWARE @F-L-O-W LTL process, enabling them to select their geographic and content area of practice. Within those geographic areas and content areas, we will network with you globally to help attract interest for your practice.

This LTL will allow you to use our virtual systems and proprietary materials to author developmental plans for clients using LeaderWARE @F-L-O-W and will improve your capability to learn, grow, and develop along with your clients in this VUCA World.

We will hold one information call on Thursday, February 18, 2016, where the founder Mike R. Jay, Developmentalist, will answer your questions about LeaderWARE @F-L-O-W and the Life TIME Licensing (LTL).

If you are looking for a breakthrough platform for the next decade of work with yourself, your clients, or your company, this is an opportunity you want to consider. The challenges of a VUCA World will humble us all, and with LeaderWARE @F-L-O-W running as a platform in your life, work or play, it’s easy to guarantee happiness and success in the face of those conditions — and that’s a promise!

Here is what is included in the LTL:

1) 12 months of discussion in email format (admission to a LeaderWARE @F-L-O-W LTL Inner Circle).

2) 9 Virtual Sessions Streamed/Recorded with the author, Mike R. Jay. [value > $1,000]

3) Year-end retreat (you must pay travel, meals, and hotel) with the author. [value = $497]

4) LeaderWARE @F-L-O-W Life TIME License to administer the program in single client relationships to create a developmental plan, now, near, and far; for an administrative fee of $50 per client, no group administrations are covered under this “personal license” but LTL Certified People in good standing, receive preferential “group licensing” options. NO ANNUAL FEE, this is a one-time LTL fee paid in 2016. Only administration services are billed for person’s utilizing the platform, which includes our LeaderSTYLE proprietary assessment. (Covered in a virtual module in 2016) [Value = $Priceless]

5) An electronic copy of the Book @F-L-O-W [value = $24.90]

6) Access to all training materials in live and recorded formats, along with supplements and upgrades with no annual fee. This charter program is offered in 2016 and will NOT be offered again at this price.  It’s now or never.  If you think this is something that you might want to do over the next few decades, it might be wise to invest now and amortize the cost even if you’re not quite ready.

Over time, the LeaderWARE @F-L-O-W Platform will morph into online software, which allows a client to receive a questionnaire in survey format and then be offered a consultation resulting from that survey, which can be used for developmental planning purposes. This approach is designed to produce self-awareness through a conduit of self-knowledge and in the case of using this platform in leadership, the emergence of LEADER AWARENESS, which allows for the scaffolding of leader development and succession.

Our Guarantee to You: This offer is good through Monday, February 29, 2016.  If at any time through Tuesday, March 15, 2016, you may request a full refund, refunded within 45 days of your notice.  This way you may experience the first two days of classes, for FREE, if you discover this is not for you at this time in your life.  If you are paying on the installment plan and find later in the year that you do not want to continue, notify us and we will cancel any future installments.  You may keep any materials you have received up to that time for your personal use only.

Diamond members, email support@leaderwareatflow.com for your pricing.

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    Mike R. Jay is a developmentalist utilizing consulting, coaching, mentoring and advising as methods to offer developmental scaffolding for aspiring leaders who are interested in being, doing, having, becoming, and contributing… to helping people have lives.

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