Video #2

Hi, Mike Jay here again, my business partner Gary said I was squinting too much in the first video, so I said I would put on shades.

I left off in the last video asking you to click for info.

The info I want to offer you is my EXPOSE on Leader Development.

There is a clear and compelling reason for wanting to draw your attention to this EXPOSE.

We all know things are changing… We don’t always know why.

But Accelerating Complexity has a lot to do with what’s happening now.


Complexity is affecting leadership in ways most of us can’t imagine.

Leaders, now, near and far will face what I call solution-resistant problems.

These kinds of problems occur when the solution to the problem is not complex enough to solve all the problem.

Like this goo I’m squeezing problem leaks out to make a more complex problem.

The only way to deal with solution-resistant problems is to elevate.

What do I mean by elevate? I’ll answer that question in my next video stay tuned.

Just click on the link to get access to these videos and reports

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