Hi, Mike Jay again no shades this time but back with an answer as I promised

The question was about the meaning of elevating leadership, right?

First, let me give context on why elevating your leadership makes sense.

Remember, I mentioned Solution Resistant Problems?

Those kinds of problems that can’t be solved using the same assumptions that created them?

Look at this drawing.


Notice that the elevator stops at each level and opens a door at that level?

Notice also that each level is self contained and separate from the level above and below?

There is a reason for this in construction is well as leadership.

Each level of leadership is also constructed on a set of assumptions about how things work.

When problems become increasingly complex,  more variables are involved and there are delays between cause and effect.

Solution-resistance arise as we meet the ends of each levels assumption.

To solve all of the problem we must elevate, or move up a level of leadership.

Now there is more to this than it appears, so I need to come back in the next video and explain what I mean.

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