In LeaderWARE @F-L-O-W Video #5, Mike summarizes what he has talked about and then lists his 7 Dynamics of LeaderWARE

Welcome to LeaderWARE @F-L-O-W. First, let me summarize quickly where I’ve led you this far.

Self-Awareness is Key, elevation is a way of leading from the right leader distance above Solution-resistant problems, and

LeaderWARE is a tool kit for developing more robust vertical, oblique, and lateral responses using self-knowledge.

Second, leaders under conditions of accelerating complexity MUST take responsibilities for their own development, regardless of what’s going on around them.

Third, you will need to work in seven areas at once if you can.

I created seven dynamic tools that are going to help guide you in vertical, oblique, and lateral development depending on the level of leadership required.

I’ll end this video by listing for you the seven dynamic areas of leader development under conditions of accelerating complexity.

Later in future microcasts, I’ll come back to offer a more in-depth explanation of what’s happening in these areas and how to engage.

Now here are the SEVEN DYNAMICS of LeaderWARE








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